He’s such a loser! I Can’t believe I’m marrying him.

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Benedict Cumberbatch, aka… (insp)

Maybe if I wasn’t so fat..
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Bradley and Katie | T4 - 21.10.2012

"Crotch on crotch."

Chris Pratt on SNL 40



barty crouch had to grade tests

I feel depressed for no reason.

I want to cry.

I want to cut.

I want to be happy.

I want this to stop.


im laughing so much a group of really loud boys sat down next to us in mcdonalds and one of them just picked up his burger and said to his friends “i bet i can put this whole thing in my mouth” and my mom turned to me and said “well we know who the gay one is” and they heard her and none of them have said a word since



"wood there’s people that are dying"

 Jon was as confused as the wildlings. Could Robb have returned?

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She can’t be around other people.

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I heard the rumors - a Winchester, one of us?

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There is an ongoing debate about originality.


According to the song Seasons of Love from RENT, there are 525,600 minutes a year.

One line later, there are “525,000 Moments so dear”.

So, doing the math, we can glean that there are 600 moments which aren’t so dear.

And I think I just used one of them by walking in on my boss who forgot to lock the bathroom stall.